Question Ratings and Webcommands

mediabot666 4 years ago updated by Scott (ScooterPSU) 4 years ago 5

I'm working on building a theme and had a couple of questions. I noticed the database has a section for ratings. I don't see a way to POST the information. Is there a way to update the ratings for books/comics ?

Usually you can enter url#section to jump to a section of a page. I noticed with Ubooquity I could hack it together as href="./#overview" I didn't think it would work but it did. Is this a bug in the software, or is how it is intended to work for jumping section on the html page?

Are there any commands to show what the user is currently reading similar to how new issues are displayed?

For lastest and random they appear to read comic.css. Can the html be override similar to folder-info.html? If so where would the html need to be stored

For navigation I noticed my setup ( Comic >> Publishes > > Series ) that if you're viewing a a folder-html in Series , but put a href=".." it will jump back to view all publishers, and not go back on level? Is that true for all?

Example Browsing Trigun and clicking a link with .. doesn't take you back to Dark Horse Manage, it will bring you to all publishers.

Is their documentation on any post/get we can perform to the server?

The html override is essentially what I was asking for here, and denied.

The ".." href would take you back to Publishers because there's no rhyme or reason to folder layout via the webserver. Every folder and issue just get an arbitrary number, and would be comics/xx/, so going ".." from any just goes to comics.

What'd be nice would be if there was an actual folder structure, like /comics/Dark Horse/Trigun/, rather than /comics/xx/. That'd simplify navigation a lot.


Maybe you or other can hel~. See here, I want to be able to click the dark horse managa icon and have that go one level back. Where as Publisher, I want to keep that functionality to get back. I also plan on coding up a reference file for proxy publisher, Dark Horse and Dark Horse Manga are really the same thing

Navigation ( Basic )

- I like your publisher I cons. I want the user to be able to click on that and go back one level, in the interim I may just have it go the publisher website. Any ideas?

- Overview seems to work as an html override today, I'm just worried it a bug and won't work in future releases

- To avoid coliding with you, I'll be using cover.jpg and fanart-wallpaper.jpg ( Code will download this if it doesn't exist but the user can put what they likc )

- I'd like to create a html file to overide the html for Latest Issue and Random since still think that's usefule. Any ideas here?

- Favorites, do they work? There's a col for them in the H2 database but I don't see a way to post ratings. In the interim I'm just thinking of leaving the icon there as a placeholder

Here's how comics are shaping up. Add all of the user navigation back, I was hoping to override UB top headers, but it seem once you navigate to the next page you loose all of the goodies


Holy crap, that looks awesome!

So to go up one level, use javascript to grab the href for #arrowup. That should give you the parent folder. I do that in the script tags at the bottom of series pages.

To add something as like a global folder-info, you'd probably need to do that via javascript. A check for #folderinfo in #group, and if it doesn't exist, import it from /theme/folder-info.html. This is branching into Ubooquity modification, since you'd need to do something along the lines of my entrypoint.js to do this.

I still haven't poked through the database, but I've yet to encounter any reference to the built-in favorites. You're welcome to my implementation, if you'd like. The ratings don't seem to be used either, or at least not anywhere I've seen.

Thanks I'll give that a try. Any ideas on how to override latest issues and random with custom html?


Use the replacement tools.js from my theme, it has what's necessary to load external js.

Copy jquery-3.1.1.min.js into your theme as well (unless you're already using a different jquery, then edit the following to match). Save this code as entrypoint.js:

var proxyPrefix = "/ubooquity"; /* blank if no proxy */

function runMe(){

loadScript(proxyPrefix+"/theme/jquery-3.1.1.min.js", function(){

if($('#folderinfo').length === 0){

$('<div id="folderinfo">').load(proxyPrefix+"/theme/folder-info.html", function() {






That will check if there's a #folderinfo tag in #group, and if not it will make one and add the contents of folder-info.html into it. That'll add to latest/search/random/homepage.