Metadata for IDs

mediabot666 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 1
So far just poking around the DB, Ub, doesn't use metadata in the ids to tell us the hierarchy of the files

and directories that it is managing. If metadata were added to the ids, this would simplify navigation when writing custom url

With a directory structure like Comics > [ DC | Image ] > Batman 2011 , Flash with metadata enriching the ids you'd end up with

R0= Comics


AA1 = Image

001 = Batman 2011

002 = Flash

R0000000000000 = All Publishers

R0AAA000000000 = Are all DC comics

R0AAA001001001 = is batman 01

R0AAA002002022 = flash #22

R0AA1000000000 = all image comics

R0AAA001001000 = all batman comics

With the file-system hierarchy recorded as metadata in the id we can simplify navigation and tell if we're on a branch, trunk, or tip. The record id gives a clear way to navigate up and down the topology


Well, ids are auto generated by an sequence when populating the database.

The file hierarchy links are represented by the "parentid" column.

Creating and especially maintaining a "metadata id" system like the one you described would be quite complex, I prefer to keep it simple. ;)