Not a bug

Not pulling favicon/touch icon images from custom theme

EaF 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Hi Tom,

I'm using a custom theme (the dark theme made by Hidea). I've added all the necessary faviocn .png images to the custom theme folder (with the same filenames used by your default Ubooquity theme) but Ubooquity or the browser isn't using them, it just loads the default Ubooquity favicon images

I've tried on the following browsers:

Chrome desktop, mobile (ios & android)

Safari mobile

Microsoft Edge

Any ideas what's going on?

You can close this off now. It seems like I had to clear my browser history for it to work, which is surprising since I also had tried it in incognito mode yesterday but it didn't work.

It seems to be working on IE, Edge, Chrome (desktop/Mobile), Safari (mobile)

Not a bug

Thanks for coming back and letting me know it's solved. :)