Syslog configuration

Elouan 7 years ago updated by Tom 7 years ago 1


I'd like to integrate ubooquity logs with the built-in synology logs. This way I'd benefit from notifications (important to know that I have an error requiring restarting ubooquity) and a better log management (search and archiving)

I tried to understand how logs are working in ubooquity, but couldn't figure out how to do that

The simplest solution I could think of is to configure ubooquity for syslog protocol: is it somehting you can do? can I define an IP/port for ubooquity to send the logs? that woudl definitely be a nice improvement, and I'm pretty sure there are light open-source libraries for that


Ubooquity logging can be customized by overriding its Logback configuration file.

An example of such customization is available in the documentation.

In your case, you will probably want to use a SyslogAppender, which is fortunately already included in the logback-classic lib used by Ubooquity.

So you should already have everything you need to plug Ubooquity log to your Synology logging system.