Synology Package

Rob Espinosa 4 years ago updated by Tom 4 years ago 2

Are there any plans to create a Synology Package? I see that it's possible to get Ubooquity running on a Synology but I just don't feel comfortable installing it manually.

I really love what you are doing with Ubooquity, I've longed for a Plex like solution to reading comics for a very long time and very much look forward to being able to use your product for both eBooks and Comics!


you should probably tray anyway: personally, I've found it easy to install "manually" ubooquity on Synology. The main difficult task is to adapt the startup script but even that may even be simplified since DSM6.0 because we can create scripts directly from within the web admin interface.

But if you are completely new to Linux, it may look scary.You may look there; at the begining, when looking to install ubooquity on my NAS I found this: [Test packages available] Ubooquity: comic book server

I haven't tested it since it doesn't seem to support my brand of Syno, but you can give it a try (and tell us how that works)