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Longer Latest Comics List?

FrozenTrout 4 years ago updated by Elouan 4 years ago 5

I was wondering if there was any way we could get an option for the Latest Comics section to show more than 30 comics, or at least have more paginated? I often add a bunch of comics at a time, so some get pushed off the page, meaning there's no way to see that some series have new issues without manually navigating to their page.

Alternatively, maybe showing all comics from latest scan, or by date

Ok, never mind, I'm an idiot. You can sort the collection by date descending, which does what I want. Thanks for making the software, BTW, it's awesome :D

I second the request; maybe instead of limiting to a pre-defined number of comics, you could present the comics that have been added to the collection the last 1 ou 2 weeks? The reason is sometime I add only a coule of comic that I found, sometime I add a whole serie that contains 40 comics or more; making it difficult to know in advance what is the proper number of comics that should be displayed

To improve the feature even more, the best solution would be to be able to define that setting (number of days to display) in the admin page.

Under review

What's wrong with the solution provided by Frozen Trout (which I have been using too) ?

It takes a fairly long time for the page to display when I order it by time , and then again to order back to alphabetic. I'm assuming it's the time to process on my small configuration. I'm assuming that on opposite, the page "latest comics" is precomputed at scanning time so it doesn't take any computing time to display, just the standard time for displaying a page