apps for android compatible with Ubooquity

Cristiam Viera Burneo (Frikor) 3 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 2 years ago 3

the version of comicviewer for Ubooquity has not support for books libraru section, someone knows other app for android

anything that supports OPDS. I believe Challenger viewer has direct support for Ubooquity as well.

Though I wonder, why do you need an app? Why doesn't the browser work for you?

Hi I'm chiming in on this very old thread- the main reason I would love an android reader for comics is for ofline mode.

Ubooquity web is great but doesn't let me read books on planes. An app that lets me flag issues to download to the device for offline reading would be amazing.

The closest thing I've found for this is Challenge Comics Viewer but it is a little slow.

You're talking about Syncing? Like how Plex is supposed to work with tv shows, on mobile? The best you can do right now is ahead of time, pick which ones you'll want and hit Download instead of Read in the web viewer. Or use Seth's app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sethchhim.comicviewerforubooquity