Invalid ubooquity header character since upgrade to Apache 2.4

Matthieu 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5


I access ubooquity via apache as a proxy. External connection is in ssl, internal one (between apache & ubooquity) is in http.

Since I upgraded apache to v2.4, I can't login anymore to ubooquity and see the following error in ubooquity logs:

[Sat Mar 04 13:32:45.972949 2017] [http:error] [pid 1100] [client] AH02429: Response header name ';expires=Mon, 03-Apr-2017 13' contains invalid characters, aborting request, referer: https://[myhostname].fr/comics/

Googling it a bit, it seems to be a new feature in apache 2.4 to be more strict on header characters... And it seems ubooquity header is using forbidden ones.

Until we got a new version from Ubooquity fixing this, did anyone encounter the issue and succeed to fix it?

I don't understand where to set-up the fixes proposed on the net.

I precise that if I access ubooquity directly (not through apache, therefore on my local network only...) then everything goes well.

Thank you in advance



Same issues here.

Could you give your link on google, I can try to help you.


Up! Could anyone help on this matter? :s

Thanks in advance

Hi, exactly the same problem here, could anyone help please ? :)


Hi! Upgrade to v2 :-)