Can only access server on my computer

Chris Jackson 3 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 3 years ago 2

I just downloaded Ubooquidy and its working great... but only on the computer that its running on.

i cannot access it on my Ipad or my Galaxy S5, i tried both the public address and the local address and both dont seem to work.

What can i do to fix this?

Port 2202 is open ?

Do you use your mobile devices inside your home network or via internet(mobile provider) ? If you use it inside your home network, only the server needs an open port on 2202. If you use it via internet too, you have to configure your router too and open port 2202, or whatever port you use.

Make sure you don't have anything in the Reverse Proxy Prefix section of your admin page.

If you do, you need to add that to the end of the URL when accessing Ubooquity