I would like to be able to change "Folder" image content

MontyJ 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

Is it possible to change the Folders content? Currently it appears to grab a cover from the folder's entries. My users (getting on in years!) get confused, thinking the folder is an ebook and that the cover they see is what the content of the folder is.

Is there a way to make the UI a little less 'busy' and put the Author Name in the folder image, or the Title, depending on the folder level the user is in?

put a jpg in the folder, name it "folder.jpg"

To be honest though, this may be a feature of the Comixology theme that I'm using.

That sounds too easy, LoL. Will give it a try!


I'm curious if this actually worked.

So far I'm assuming it did since you haven't come back. :P

Apologies for not getting back!

Yes, it did work. I put a random pic named folder.jpg into one of the folders and indeed it did show up.

But at this point it is impractical to use that simple method. I need an image that contains the authors name, in some form. With thousands of authors, that is too much to do manually, so a script of some sort would be needed for each author's folder to extract the right info and generate a 'folder.jpg' with the info inserted.

Thanks for the idea!