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iOS (iPhone, not iPad) reader that works with Ubooquity?

Kenneth Armstrong 5 years ago updated by Peebee's Testpage 5 years ago 10
I've been trying to find one that will work with Ubooquity's opds functionality over https out of the box, but am not having any luck. As anyone come across one?
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Sorry, no idea. :(
Sad thing is, I can't code myself out of a wet paper bag, otherwise I would try and write one.

Did you get my messages about Chunky being available on the iphone? It's available on invite through an app called Testflight (app testing). Contact the dev to get an invite


I'm using "Chunky" on my iPad. It's perfect for me to connect to Ubooquity. The developper is also part of the ubooquity community (if I remember well some posts).
It embeds a web emulator, which allows you to connect to the web interface of ubooquity.
It also owns a download manager, to follow the download progress of the comic you selected for download.

It fits my needs.
Let me know about yours.

I had looked at that, however I have an iPhone 6, and Chunky apparently isn't available for the iPhone. On the developer's site he states that he didn't care for developing for it.
Correct, I remember this statement now... I missed to see you were looking for iPhone only.
Fortunately the developer of Chunky is part of the Ubooquity community and this forum.
He may advise if he changed his plans...

cant you just read the in the browser on your iphone? ive done that with all my devices, an iphones screen is kinda small, but it works when I wanted it to

Actually I have Chunky on my iPhone but you need an invite from dev to get it. Contact the dev.

additionnal info: Chunky for iPhone is being worked on but still needs work so it's available through TestFlight.

If you do get Chunky for iPhone, know that you have to put the iPhone in landscape mode to access the cloud icon and thus the servers input section. If you click on cloud icon in portrait, nothing happens.