[2.0] Comics title using metadata instead of file name

Matthieu 3 years ago updated by GlubZOR 3 years ago 8

Hi Tom,

Very good & promising job with the v2! Thanks a lot! Starving from seing what this new baseline will allow to introduce as new features :-)

I read it was a design choice to use file name in v2.x instead of metadata title in former version v1.x.

I'd like you to re-evaluate your position, or at least let the administrator decide what fits best to each set-up.

Indeed, as far as I'm concerned, or all people using scraper like calibre one (I'm not), file name is used with the purpose to let the file being self-identified. This is not the same purpose in a comics library, as for most it is organized by folder.

To me, forcing the display as file names generate a really messy user experience.

Thank you in advance


thanks. That gives the background, from opds side.

However my point above remains valid (as well for some users in the initial thread): some like me definitely worked too much on the metadata to see them just excluded like this :-

Under review

I understand but I had to make a choice.

(and it went further than just OPDS, as getting only the title when doing a search could be problematic, to know the issue number for instance).

In any case I'll try to add a display customization option quickly if it's not too complicated.

Hello Tom

I would also support Matthieu's request to let possible using metadata instead of file name at least like what we have with version 1.0. I have a very big comic book library > 300 000 files where changing the folder names and the folder structure will really be a problem. I use scripts that can convert *.cb* files into pdf with automatic metadata generation where the title as metadata automatically includes the issue number so that everything can be properly displayed by Ubooquity v1.x without having to change my file / folder structure.

When you have a large library it is not really practical to put too much information into the file name as it is then quite hard to manage changes that could apply to multiple files. Therefore using metadata to display while storing files with technical names is much more efficient.

Could you please make sure to keep possible with Ubooquity v2.0 the feature of using metadata instead of file name to display title data ?

WIthout this feature I would have to stay with Ubooquity v 1.0 and will not be able to benefit from the new improvements you are planning as well as the fixes you already have to apply to v 2.0 beta.

If that is not possible could you please at least issue a stabilized "final" version of ubooquity v1.0 with all the remaining v1.0 fixes including the "memory leak" issue crashing the server when too many files are opened.

Thank you very much in advance for this excellent software which has no equivalent in its area.

All the best



2.0.2 is out, with an option to display the title instead of the filename.

Let me know if this fills your needs.

Wonderful! It works as wished now :-)

Thanks a lot Tom


For the concern about metadata I have tested version 2.0.2 and I can also confirm it is working as expected.
Thank you so much for having considered keeping this feature.

All the best