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opds server doesnt seem to be running

saucebarbeque 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 6

Hi there - Raspbian Jessie install in progress. Ubooquity seems to be up and running just fine from a browser - no issue seeing things on the admin page or on the main page. I can't find any evidence that OPDS is working though... no log entries, Chunky can't connect, and neither netstat nor lsof see the port (2202) open.

Any ideas?

did you activate opds in the admin menu?

Yes, it's set to true.

Under review

You can test the OPDS feed directly in your browser.

The feed is served on the same port as the library pages.

If you can access your pages at http://your_ip:2202, just add /opds-comics to get the OPDS feed for comics.


This way you can quickly check if the feed is ok.

Could you try that and let us know if you get the feed ?

that didn't work either. Not sure why...

In troubleshooting, however, I discovered a load of permissioning issues and corrupt CBZs with my comics folder - enough that I gave up troubleshooting and just rebuilt both Mylar and Ubooquity 2. It's still indexing, but so far the OPDS feed is populating nicely... I think you can close this as unresolved/suspected user issue or the UserEcho equivalent... thanks!

I'm glad it's working now. Thanks for the feedback !