[2.0] List issues/books in progress / progress indicator

Scott (ScooterPSU) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 6

Since progress is being logged server-side, it'd be awesome to be able to pull that list of in-progress issues/books. Or to be able to put a progress indicator on the issue itself.

Months away, from what's said in that other thread.

Great Scott, whip us something up via HTML/CSS wizardry!

Looks like that data is hidden behind some encryption though. :(

Yeah I tried accessing the database other ways before with no success. My new theme version does have a bookmarks page, but it's device specific.

Now that I can do script loading, I'm just waiting on 2.0.2 to drop my full redesign. :)

The database of Ubooquity is not encrypted.

See this thread for an explanation about accessing its content.

(Ubooquity has to be stopped, though)

As for the bookmarks, they are stored server side through a very simple REST API.

Just take a look at the Javascript used by the online reader to get the URLs (F12 in most browsers).

(Ubooquity.jar is just a zip file by the way, you can open it with any compression tool)

Oh I know I can read it when it's off, but that doesn't help me do magic with it when it's on. :)

I'll poke around the REST API stuff though, thanks!