admin authentication now working

Dochopper 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

I've done everything but redownload the jar file, but I cannot get the admin auth to work. I had originally started it without a workfolder. I reworked everything with the workfolder option, and when I tried to log in to the admin page, it won't take the admin password I know I used. I am just getting it set up so I just removed the .cred file and expected it to ask for admin password again. It didn't.

I then proceeded to remove every folder/file that it created when it first launched and it still doesn't ask for admin password. all I have is the .bash* files, the library folder, my .profile, and the .jar file in the folder. I just want to start from scratch. I rebooted the server to ensure I had no rogue .jars running. Any thoughts?

nevermind. I figured this out. I'm more tired than I think.