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[2.0] Updated Synology instructions?

theotherjasonfischer 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

Just wondering if the Synology instructions are going to be updated for the new 2.0 release. It looks great, but I can't quite get the syntax for the .conf file down to get it to launch.

Under review

I'm not the one who wrote the Synology instruction (I don't own a NAS), so you'll have to wait for a Synology user to update them.

I recently transfered the documentation to Github to give people an easier way to contribute.

So my problem was a syntax issue with my path. Ubooquity starts fine and I can seem to get the library port okay, but the admin port throws up an HTTP 500 Error. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

    Could not find matching provider (wrong URL)

Derp. You have to do a "/admin" in the URL. Seems to working fine on the Synology so far.