Wrong IP address used by ubooquity

papnikol 3 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 3 years ago 1

HI, my PC is accessing 2 LANS, one belonging to the router (and thus the allowing access to internet) and the other is local only and cannot access the internet. Unfortunately, ubooquity automatically selects the latter for assgning a local address, so I can not access my library from outside.

Is there a way to manually select a LAN or an address?

This sounds so similar to my non-issue that I think it's easily fixed.

Ubooquity isn't assign an IP, it's merely displaying what it thinks is the IP you should be using to access it.

Just use the other one in your web browser and it should work.

I have this same issue with my VPN. Ubooquity displays my VPN IP, but my VPN doesn't allow port forwarding. So I just type my ISPs provided IP into my web browser and it works fine.