New version still says it's the old version.

Justin Brown 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 10
I purged my old ubooquity install directory as well as the files it creates in the working directory when the new 1.8.1 version became available. For some reason though it still thinks that it's version 1.8.0 and informs me there is an update available on the admin page. Not a huge issue. More of just a minor annoyance. Thanks for the new version by the way. I love the page fitting options. Now I don't have to download everything. Excellent work. :)

Under review
Oops, I delivered the 1.8.1 a bit to quickly.
Here's 1.8.2.
Excellent thanks. Only problem now is that it appears on 1.8.2 themes are broken on the homepage for some reason. They seem to work on the other pages though.

Did you try to do a force refresh in your browser (usually shift + "refresh" button), or to clear your cache ?
That I have. I cleared all browser data. I'm doing another purge of ubooquity and it's files again to see if it fixes it. I'll keep you posted.
The purge seems to have done the trick.
Any chance you can delete the screenshots in the main post? I'm not allowed to edit it since the status says fixed and I just realized that the first one shows my server's i.p. Or just delete this thread all together? Thanks lol.
You're the man. Thanks.