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Super slow for any Mobile device

Kyser Sosai 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 14
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a couple issues I'm having. I have setup Ubooquity on Windows 10 64bit. It works well on the local network. I opened a port so I can see it from the outside. Everything works well from my PC.

BUT Super slow for any Mobile device. What I mean is the thumbnails take forever to show up and the page just hangs with the wheel spinning. I occasionally load the page and some thumbnails are missing. I can't access the folders that have thumbnails. The whole page is really slooow.

ALSO Challenger Comic Viewer Android; I add a Library or add web and it never completes. It takes forever to read the directories and then disappears. I'm figuring its the same slow issue bcs its a mobile device.

Some other info
Comics format PDF (I don't remember why I converted them all to pdf ..)
7500 comics

My network speed DL 50mb DL 50mb Fiber
PC 16gb of ram
WIndows 10 64bit
Wifi connection N

Mobile devices
Samsung Galaxy Tab s
Samsung S3

Thanks for your time
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If everything works fine on your local network but is slow when accessed from the outside, I'd be tempted to say your connection (either your fiber or your mobile connection) is the problem.

Although with a 50MB/50MB line there should really be no speed problem.

From the point of view of Ubooquity, there is not difference between a page loaded from a local or a distant connection.

I'll let other users share their experience, perhaps they'll have more ideas.
Thanks for the reply Tom. Its appreciated

I was wondering if anyone else is having issues using a mobile device and Ubooquity connecting from outside their LAN ie through their public address ??

I have pretty much an identical situation. The only real difference is most of my books are cbr and cbz. Let me know if you've been able to find a fix.

To find a fix I would need to know what the problem is.

Unfortunately I have no idea as I haven't been able to reproduce the problem on my side.

The only difference between local network and a remote access is (obviously) the network.

I still don't see how Ubooquity could "know" the difference.

What if you tried to access my server on a mobile device? Is that something we could try?

Why not.

Send me the URL, login and password at: tom at vaemendis dot net.

I quickly tested your server from my PC and my phone.

The PC is accessing the net through a 1Mbps ADSL connection. Page loading was quite fast (both thumbnails and comic pages), never more than a few seconds.

Then I tried on my phone (LG Nexus 4) using 3G. Pages were loaded even faster (which is logical, the 3G I get is usually faster than my land line).

That means I still don't have any idea why you have this slowness problem, unfortunately. :(

i have the same issue: I can't browse Ubooquity from my iPad. The page is very slow to load fully. and when waiting for the page to finish loading, the page doesn't load properly: the thumbnails do not correspond to the titles, even the navigation toolbar is not loaded properly: the navigation arrows for example don't appear in the top toolbar, but at the bottom of the page, at the position of a thumbnail.

I'm not sure of what could be the problem: it's not php so I can't look at the code to have a look

This problem I have sometimes too. It happens on my iPad 3.

But I think it's different from the "pure" slowness problem Eric and Mike have.

Usually I reload the page and it works.

I have never been able to understand it, especially the part where thumbnails get mixed up, but I'm almost sure this is an iOS only problem (thanks Apple, again):




I'm observing the thumbnails issue as well. On iOS (iPhone & iPad) but also on OS X, with safari (OK with firefox & opera). It is also visible in apps with embeded browser.

The "random" thumbnails somehow kind of disappeared, but the need to reload the page (sometimes several times) to get all thumbnails really remains & is a pain...




you're right, the problem exists on all versions of Safari (iOS and OS X).

I tried a few things in my code, but to no avail.

The only advice I can give to work around this:

  • use HTTPS: I read somewhere that Safari was not using HTTP pipelining (the root cause of the problem) in HTTPS mode
  • configure Ubooquity to display less images per page: from what I read, the problem happens more often when pages contain a lot of images
  • Use another browser, Safari is the only browser having these kind of problems with HTTP pipelining, all others work fine

Thanks for the swift feedback Tom (hope you're better by the way).

I just took the time to configure https, so hopefully this well help, thanks for the hint.

Yes I'm good now, thanks. :)