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PDF cover generation bug with OpenJDK

shagr4th 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 5

FYI, if some of you have issues with PDF covers and Ubooquity 2.X, maybe this is due to this OpenJDK bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8048782

I'll try to switch later to Oracle JDK or OpenJDK 9 to confirm the issue

The glitch in ubooquity is due to something else. Going to be fixed in 2.0.3. See thread posted above. Duplicated entry to me...

I'm not sure this is the exact same bug, I had an explicit PDF extraction error in my logs, leading to the bug reports I linked

Anyway, it's working fine with latest stable jre from Oracle (I had another set of issues with OpenJDK 9)

Under review

Thnaks for the info.

Not much I can do except upgrade the PDFBox version whenever a new one is released.

I plan to allow pluging external PDF renderers in the future though.