[2.0.2] Link to library from admin page

lkj 3 years ago updated by SwedishGojira 3 years ago 12


It'd be handy to have a link to the library page somewhere on the admin page. Perhaps in the top bar right by the Save & Restart button.

Great software, thanks.


In the next vedrsion (2.0.3), you'll be able to click on the Ubooquity logo on the admin page to go to your library.

I remember a previously answered related request in 1.x ;-)

I don't remember it, but I guess I said no at the time ? :)

you said yes, and did it ! 😀

Good then !

I must admit I have sometimes a hard time remembering all I post here. :)

Hey, thanks for the quick response and implementation. Awesome :)

hi will you be able to access the admin page through the library I would really prefer one Web link to access it all

The administrator and the user are not necessarily the same person.

So it's better to keep the "user pages" clean of anything related to the server administration.

Hi Tom,

I just installed 2.1 and I see the link to the library from the admin page. However, the link uses the admin port, not the library port.


Are you sure ?

The link is explicitely built using the library port, and it behaves correctly on my PC.


Yes, I just checked again to make sure.

My admin site is at host:2202/ubooquity/admin and the link behind the logo is host:2202/ubooquity

My library port is 2200.

Running version is 2.1.0.


I am running my server and admin both at a different port than the default (for security reasons) but the logo still links to port 2202.