2.0.2 Books trouble - might be me...

saucebarbeque 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 4

So 2.0.2 is working beautifully for comics. I thought I'd be adventurous and can iBooks/iCloud too.

I copied over a few epubs from my Mac into a new directory on the RPi running ubooquity. After a scan, the count sits at 0. Looking in the log, it clearly sees them; if I'm following it correctly it looks like it's deleting them from the database as well.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is epub a fancy format that doesnt copy from Mac to Linux easily, like a package?

I'd think the epub format being supported by Ubooquity itself is all you need.

Please supply the log file that shows the books being added and dropped.

Thanks - it's linked above, here again for completeness.

oh...  lol I completely overlooked that.


According to your logs, all your Epub files seem to be unzipped (you have folders named "something.epub").

Ubooquity needs actual Epub files, not folders containing the inner parts of an Epub file.