Stops Scanning/Adding Books

bdp5 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 2

This is new for me because I had Ubooquity on my old install (I had to reinstall Windows 10) and it worked perfectly.

I have a massive 2TB folder of books. Ubooquity stops scanning and adding books when it gets to the letter "E," so only roughly half my books are in the library. It doesn't add any of those books to the library and I can't search for them inside Ubooquity, either.

Any suggestions?

I think I fixed it. It was getting hung up on large-sized PDF files for whatever reason. I deleted those and it's working now. I only have the Comics module loaded, if any of this is helpful to you.


Thanks for your feedback, glad you found a workaround.

PDF support is unfortunately far from perfect.

I have plans to improve it, but it will take time.