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Thank You, Tom!

Bobby Hill 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

Tom, I just wanted to say Thank You. Not only for this program, but for sharing it with everyone, and for the awesome updates.

I've been loving this program as my Comic server for a while now, and there is nothing else out there that even comes close to comparing with Ubooquity.

Also, I've been trying to find a good audiobook server out there, but there aren't any. What I ended up doing was adding the directory to the Raw Files section of Ubooquity.  I download them at work when I'm on a new book, play them on Windows Media Player, and everything's super smooth.

Under review

Thanks for the nice words. :)


I also want to thank you for ubooquity: it really is doing a fine job. If you could just open-source your code, you would make my dau: there is a ton of nice features we could add to ubooquity that would make it THE reference of book servers, but you are limited in time (especially now since I understand you've had a girl?). If we could contribute to your code that would be awesome

My wife has just requested her first audiobooks, and I'm doing the same as Bobby above with raw files. Would love some proper audiobook support. 

Also 2nd everything else he said regarding the best damn book server on the intarwebz :)

I'm curious what your audiobooks needs are. I've tried every server option that exists already, but really just adding them to my phone and playing from it has yielded the best results for me. 

Same here. In a perfect world, I'd like to see coverart and metadata from the ID3 tag, in the same UI as books, and maybe even a dedicated audiobook section apart from raw files. It's no fewer clicks to get the book downloaded and playing; it's just a consistency thing for me.


Hi Jason,

hi Bobby,

did you ever tried subsonic (http://www.subsonic.org/pages/index.jsp) ? 

Im using it since 2006 for al my "acoustic" media, and it will do his job perfectly - 

only the earlier "cost-only" license changed to 1$/mon., but paying for Google Musik, 

Spotify, Groove etc. cost a lot more and comes with a lot less privacy.... 

there are many usefull Apps on many OS/Platforms supporting subsonic, 

so you dont have to use a web interface - but even the included Webinterface ist great :)

Test it ( 30 days premium for free is included), and tell us your opinion, ok ? 

Hope that hepls 


@ Tom : I agree with Jason & Bobby and say a BIG thank you for your great work !

I tried Booksonic, but I live in the midwest US and have a 50+ mile commute every day. It works better for me to play the files locally on my phone as I don't have to worry about  service.   I connect my phone to my PC at work, via bluetooth, and can play the files through my headphones.   Also I only have 1Mb/s upload from home.  :(

For my use-case, a simple file server is exactly what I need, and Ubooquity fills that space perfectly.  Plus I already have a lifetime pass to Plex, and I can wait until they implement Audiobook support before I am going to worry about going the server route.