Not pulling apple-touch-icon when configured for reverse proxy

saucebarbeque 3 years ago updated by El Micka 3 years ago 5

Hi - 

Finally figured out the nuances to nginx and Ubooquity, and now Ubooquity lives under /ubooquity. I use nginx access for remote access, and I hit Ubooquity directly when I'm at home.

When I attempt to "Add to Home Screen" from Safari on my iPad or iPhone, I now get the generic screenshot icon instead of the nice books & cloud icon I had prior to the nginx setup...

Can this be fixed?

do you have HTTP auth setup on Nginx for /ubooquity ? If so, try disabling it.

It is enabled on the nginx side, yes; however I'm attempting to create the shortcut from the home network side (direct to the server, not through nginx). There's no proxy in between my ipad and the Ubooquity server, and in that path the only thing that's changed is the base URL.

ios doesn't let the user select icons for homescreen shortcuts?

no. It looks for a specific link in the <head> of the index page; if the index doesn't have the link it then looks for a file named apple-touch-icon*.png (where the * may be the icon size (i.e. 72x72)), each device looks for a specific size or it will scale it to fit if no numbers are present).


Use this


You CAN choose the icon you Want :-)