Log file issue

Elouan 6 years ago updated by Tom 6 years ago 3

I'm running the beta version of ubooquity on a Synology NAS:

Ubooquity 2.0.2 built on 2017-04-24 at 20:52

I have a problem with the logs file: 

If I click on 'view logs' from the admin interface, I see only part of the log file : the latest log in my case dates back from 30/05/2017

On the other hand the log file is updated correctly: if I download the file itself and open it in notebook, I see the latest changes: the latest log in the file is from 20/06/2017

so: the web interface is not displaying the entire content of the file

The file is 280kB, so below the 1MB threshold.

It's possible that I've deleted archived logs (.zip) before, but I don't see why this shoudl cause a problem, but maybe you would

Not a bug

The logs displayed in the admin interface are limited to 1000 lines.

This log page is intended to provide an idea of the last events that happened on the server, not parse and display the full log file, that can be quite big depending o the logger configuration.

For a complete review of the logs, looking at the original log file like you did is the right thing to do.

i'm fine with the idea of dispalying the last events, but in that case it would be better to display the last 1000 lines rather than the first 1000's , don't you think? 


Of course, that's a bug introduced in 2.x.