Synology restart breaks Ubooquity

Trevor 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

H ey guys,

I have a Synology and the worst luck with Ubooquity. Every time I get it to work it works fine for a few days until my Server restarts. Everytime it restarts I try to "sudo start ubooquity" which that command works fine until the server restarts. After the restart it says "start: unknown job: ubooquity"

Is it possible my ubooquity is being cleared by the server?

As a note it seems File Station updated. Why would that trash my ubooquity?

my guess is that you didn't put the startup script in the proper directory: you run ubooquity in command line and it is not set up as a startup script. I don't remember right now exactly the folder to save the script, but if you look at the post about ubooquity 2.0 on synology i've written the procedure

Also: I found that all DSM upgrades are deleting the script. A simple restart will keep ubooquity.conf file but DSM upgrade removes it; you have to manually put it back

You were 100% correct. The FileStation update erased my .conf. MY dev friend that has been helping me with this helped me get it back online and updated to 2.0 with Materialized installed. He said I should only need to paste this code in, in the future to add the conf back in.

sudo cp /etc/init/ubooquity.conf ~

Hasn't been tested yet. I will reply the next time this happens and I try this.