Ideas for improvment

Elouan 7 years ago updated by Bobby Hill 7 years ago 1

Here are a couple of ideas for 2.x version:

  1. Automatically overlay an icon on top the folders and comics that means: "Finished", "Reading" (meaning: on-going, very useful for folders) and "Unread" (I'm not sure about that last one)
  2. Add a new searching folder: "On-going reading".  This of course has to be user-based
  3. In comicInfo.xml there is an <web> tag. It would be nice if you could read it and add a link in the presentation of the comic
  4. Is there any way to create a page for a serie that looks a like the presentation page for individual comics? Maybe something that would go on the left of the screen, or and "Information" button at the top that would open the page, if the user has created such a page?