Richard 3 years ago updated by de_van_bos 2 years ago 1


I'm trying to run Ubooquity 2.1.0 with Apache2 doing the ProxyPass and ReWrite.

I'm unable to access the Admin page, I always get the HTTP ERROR 500 or, i get the Initial password request but when I enter - nothing.

for the normal Library page it seems to work, however as Im not able to access the admin page, I cant setup a user or the library.

Would it be possible to add another "reverseProxyPrefix" for the admin Page? I guess thats where the error comes from...

or does anyone know how to set the rewrite rules for apache that both sites work?

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Did you ever found the solution? I always get the HTTP ERROR 500 error on the admin page so I can't set it up either :(

EDIT: fixed. I found somewhere else the admin page is on http://localhost:2203/admin instead of just http://localhost:2203