Can't read .mobi, only download

diephoenix 3 years ago updated by Santi 2 years ago 12

On clicking on mobi book format only the download button shows, no read button. Can mobi formats not be read?


You're right, mobi files can only be downloaded.

For ebooks, only epub and PDF files can be read online.

It would be great to get mobi viewing support - it would simply require on the fly conversion to epub which can be done through many third party libraries.


For now I prefer to focus on other features than working on a closed, undocumented format.

As a workaround you can quite easily convert your mobi files to epubs using Calibre for instance.

Please, make readable online MOBI & FB2 files, :D

@santi (& tom h): ... just convert it via calibre before put it into Ubooquity - what's the problem ?

A auto-conversion with 3rd-party libs can nothing better, but anything mutch worther ... 

WOW !!!  Too many books to convert, impossible.

Anyway, I think there is a problem in my QNAP and Java programs, while they are working, they stop doing it and the only way to get them back to work is to restart the system, and that can not be the case.

What QNAP-NAS model do you use : with intel or ARM CPU ? 

QNAP-NAS with ARM is generally not recommended as platform for Ubooquity because it's very low RAM-memory and have to share it with the OS... trust me, i've testet it with an HS-210 and an TS-239 - just no fun an a lot of side effects... 

In the case of a model with a intel CPU : 

Do you use the original JAVA provided by QNAP or the JAVA from QNAPclub https://qnapclub.eu ?

Using the original QNAP Java may sometimes only use the 32bit runtime, the QNAPclub Java runs perfect with 64bit.

It runs here on a TS453mini with 16GB RAM and nearly 50 Users (the NAS stores PDF-ebooks for car restorations).

And for your problem with the MOBI/FB2 books :calibre can do a "mass"-convert, but it really takes some time ;-) ... 

According to the QNAP itself, my TS-653A has an Intel® Celeron® N3150 / N3160 1.6 GHz quad-core processor.

And I use the QJDK8 package provided by QNAP Club

hmm, same JRE here - strange ... 

Wich version of QTS runs on your NAS - because my x53 here have some big trouble runing the actual version and USB3, so i have to go back using 

And how much RAM do you have ? 

The version of the system is not the problem, with the previous versions and the same problem, I reboot the NAS and the Java application works again, it has to disappear, and it is not good to restart or apply Java.

My current version is, the last one, I am the last one to have it updated, in the same way that the new tares / problems, other old ones disappear, is the never ending of the operating systems.

Maybe RAM, I only have 4Gb, but with QNAP, who risks spending more money? I have bad experiences about it, and I'm not the only one.

i've installed 2 KINGSTON DDR3 PC3-12800-SODIMM 8GB modules, and it works nearly 2,5 years without any trouble - the trouble with USB3 started with the 4.3.x versions of QTS and has nothing to do with Ubooquity or Java. I've running parallel 3 different VMs with virtualisation station and didn' have any problems, even running a database server on it. 

According to your errors/bugs it seems to be a RAM size problem : 3.5 GB is the default max memory setting running Ubooquity in the qpkg-version of Ubooquity, and your system has even this - and now needs to use swap. Swapping is much less performant than ram, so please check in the Ubooquity admin panel your system info for the value of max memory. If it says 3496 MB, you need to set your max memory th 2048 with  

"$JAVA -Xmx2048m -Dfile.encoding=UTF8 -jar Ubooquity.jar --headless --remoteadmin &" 

in your ubooquity-script found under your .qpkg-folder (/share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/UbooQuity/UbooQuity.sh).

Or you just try spend some more physical RAM - it seems worth it. 

Hope that helps ! 

Best regards


Of course you have helped me ...

Thank you very much for all the explanations.