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​ Comicvine Tags displayed intermittently​

billzegarski 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 2
I've got about 3000 comics in my collection, and according to ComicRack, they are all tagged.  When I bring them into Ubooquity, some percentage, around 25, don't display their tags and show only info from the files.  I've tried rebuiling the Ubooquity databse with no luck.  Anything else I should try?



I believe this might be a CBZ vs CBR thing. As I understand it ComicRack and mosto ther apps can not write to CBR files so they store the information somewhere else and that info is not available for Ubooquity to read. I might be wrong, but check if the files missing metadata is saved as CBR.

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There is this.

Also, from what I read, ComicRack does not automatically write the metadata into your files (even for CBZ), there is some manual action involved (I'm not using it myself, so I can't be more accurate).

If tags are not displayed for some CBZ files (and if there is actually a ComicInfo.xml file inside the CBZ), send it to me, I'll take a look to understand what's wrong.