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Network Shares / Mapped Drives

George Baker 3 years ago updated by Anton Baur 3 years ago 4

I have found on 2.1.0 that if you Map a drive to another PC and use this it works. BUT when you enable Security it breaks. Get to login screen then just 'page not found'. Checked by removing security and page displayed fine.

If you 'edit' the Jason and add Network share Ubooquity does not start up. This is either a link to a share, or a full UNC path to the folder. May work if no security, but useless if publishing to the outside world.

BTW using Windows 2012 as host.

Under review

The files on the shared drive are the Ubooquity binaries or your books/comics ?

The files on the shared drives are the Comics/Books.

I'm having the same issue, it would be nice if they could be added via the web interface. Thank you for the support.

Hello George,

i've replayed your situation on my Test-Windows running in a VM, and here my results : 

- if you run your Ubooquity-Server under a(ny?) Windows-OS, you have to re-declare/re-set all your share-settings (comics,ebooks and RAW-Files) after activating/deactivate the security setting - all my share-settings before are lost.

After re-set the share(s), you have to re-scan your libraries - once again ..  

- if you directly edit the JSON-File, be sure to declare the UNC-Path-Settings correct appending to Java-Language: 

a Backslash under Windows must be doubled in order to read it correctly under JAVA - for example  

   - under WIN "\\Server\Dir" is in Java "\\\\Server\\Dir"

And again, after re-set your share-settings in the JSON-File, you have to re-scan your libraries - once again again ..  

After altering my settings according yours, i can confirm a running Ubooquity-Server with UNC-Paths and different User-Permissions, but be shure to set the "Do not remove data from unreachable folders" after your first scan with your new security settings - otherwise next time re-scanning your DB an your UNC-Share isnt responding/running you may lost your entire db...(and you have to re-scan your libraries - once again again again .. )

Functional "adding UNC-Paths withhin a dialog window" under Java isnt so easy to put it like a rabbtit from the hat - i've try to developed it a long time ago in Java and give it up, because UNC-Shares on Win-OS sometimes likes to irrationally act/respond according to JAVA (what cames historically from SUN/UNIX) ..