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Can't Edit Anything.

Barry 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 5

When I click any link in the /admin page it leads back to the login page. Not sure if I'm missing something. I am trying to set up on Raspberry PI. I am not able to add a user or anything. Any help would be great.

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Does your browser accept cookies ? Ubooquity relies on cookies for security, if they are blocked you won't be able to use it.

Yes it does. I reinstalled the raspbian and then did a fresh install of Ubooquity and it worked. After setting up and then trying to rescan my book directory it started sending me back to the login page everytime i clicked a link again.

The only other idea I have would be directory permission. Is the working directory of Ubooquity writable ? It needs to be as Ubooquity creates a few files.

This scenario is not consistent with what you described as Ubooquity seemed to work at some point, but you never know...

Thanks for your response. yes the folder is writable. This is interesting. I would guess stepping through the code may reveal a file having been interrupted or something during a process is causing the application to revert to the logon screen. just a guess.

Here is how it works.

The first time you go on the admin page, Ubooquity asks you to create a password.

The password is hashed and stored in a file ("webadmin.cred", in Ubooquity's working directory).

You are then redirected to the admin page and a cookie is created.

The next time you go on the admin page, if the cookie still exists has not expired (it lasts 30 days), you'll not be asked for your password.

If the cookie has been deleted or has expired, you'll be asked to provide your password again, which will be compared to the content of the "webadmin.cred" file.

By the way, did you look for errors in your log file ?