External viewer for mac

fandenivoldsk 3 years ago updated by joshua 3 years ago 2

Is it possible to use the frontend part of Ubooquity together with an external comic viewer on a Mac? I like to use an app called CooViewer for reading my comics, but would love to also use Ubooquity as its library. Is to possible to click a comic in Ubooquity and have it open in CooViewer (or another standalone cbz/cbr viewer for Mac?)


Ubooquity offers a way to interface with other applications using its OPDS feed.

But it requires specific development in the external application.

As far as I know, the only applications that have done the development are:

Challenger Comics Viewer (Android)

Chunky Viewer (iOS)

ComicViewer for Ubooquity (Android)


the eBook reader Marvin 3 for iOS does OPDS and reads .cbr/.cbz, too. It works quite fine as comic reader.