In Ubooquity 2.1.0 where do I get the address to read books externally?

PatternRec 3 years ago updated by eduo 3 years ago 6

The old Ubooquity had the addresses for both internal and external reading in the interface. Now I can't find it in the interface or the Admin page. 

Hi PatternRec,

take a very deep look into the following Picture : 

And ask yourself the question again .... 

If you need your internal server address for your Router/Gateway NAT, it should be the same like Ubooquity 1.10.x... 

Hope that Helps ... 


Ok I'm looking at the pic and do NOT see the external address at all. By external, I mean if I'm on my Chromebook and not at home on my local network, what url do I put into my address bar to access Ubooquity? If it's in the screenshot above I don't see it. 


I removed this information from the UI of V2 because:

  • the displayed remote IP is trivial to get anyway (open a browser while at home, type "what is my ip" in Google and pick any result)
  • the displayed local IP was confusing for people having several network interfaces, as Ubooquity was picking the first one it found, leading some people to believe that it was listening to this one only (by default Ubooquity binds itself to all locally available network interfaces).
    So in that case you need to find the local IP address of your server either by looking at the admin page of your network equipment if you have one (routeur, provider box...), or by using the command line on the server (ipconfig on Windows, ifconfig on Linux, for instance...)

"the displayed remote IP is trivial to get anyway (open a browser while at home, type "what is my ip" in Google and pick any result)"

This answers my question. I didn't know that Ubooquity just used the public IP address of my computer so in the absence of finding that info in the interface or FAQs I didn't know where else to look. Maybe this could be added to the FAQs or to the quick setup manual for those like me who don't do any networking. 

Same here. I used the link when passing the external address (as it changes from time to time) and to quickly check it out when connecting remotely (via teamviewer). It looks like a silly thing but it was the easiest place in my computer to get this info and the final URL for Ubooquity in one go :D (this is currently the only thing I use the external URL for).

I agree, the documentation could use some improvement.

But I really lack time to do it properly.

I made the documentation open source hoping for some contributions, but without much success so far...