issue ordering

Ryan Brain 3 years ago updated by Jamyz 3 years ago 5

When you're browsing a series, issues are sorted like this:

ComicName #1

ComicName #10, 11, 12.... 19

ComicName #2

ComicName #20


Any chance of making the sorting slightly cleverer?


I Have the same issue......... no one ?


This is a problem is quite a bit more complicated than it seems at first. What is happening is that the issues are being sorted by filename alphabetically and in that situation 10, 11, 12, ... come after 1. To fix this the issue number would need to be extracted from the filename and then sorted by the number, in which case you would get the correct ordering. However extracting the issue number can be difficult to consistently (the #s help but what if there a couple without #s?).

I suggest you pad your issue numbers with zeros, i.e. #000 #001 #002, etc. Also be consistent with your naming practices, this will ensure your files are properly sorted.

Good idea. I've updated my Mylar and ComicRack settings to add padding.

I undertand. But i think many (or not) people use ComicRack to use with Ubooquity with Comic Vine. But Comic Vine add #1, #2. I dont have the choice.

@Ryan Brain, if you found for ComicRack reply please....