Questions about Ubooquity streaming from syno

Petitgnoll6 3 years ago updated by Matthieu 3 years ago 1

Hello !

First of all, thanks for your work, it's huge !!

Here is my configuration:

I installed Ubooquity (lastest version) on my Proliant n54l running a Synology OS (DSM 5.2) with Java 8.144. I access the NAS from remote location.

It works almost perfectly fine (I just have a problem with the symbol " ° ", when it's in a name, Ubooquity doesn't scan the file).

On computer webrowser i can perfectly read all the Comics or Ebook I want.

But the plan is to use a tablett as reader.

On my tablett I have Challenger comic reader. I tried to add the OPDS thing, it worked but it's really really slow to load the pages of the comics (.pdf).

And, I didn't understand how to use HTTPS with OPDS (which port do I use, my common HTTPS port ?)

Is the Proliant n54L powerful enough to act as a streaming server ?? (AMD Turion II Neo N54L / 2.2GHz with 4g RAM). I ask because when i tried to stream and it was real slow, my CPU usage on the NAS was at 90% (all by Java). Is it normal ??

It feels like there's something I don't understand totaly about ubooquity and remote streaming on tablett xD

Or is there a better app for my tablett to use with ubooquity to stream comics and ebooks from my NAS ?
Or is ubooquity not the best solution for me ?

Thanks in advance !

Petitgnoll6, a french guy loving your work.


On iPad, I recommend Chunky. I don't know for android tablets...