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How to separate epub/mobi

Jason Perkins 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I have 2 users, one of which uses a Nook and the other a Kindle. Is it possible to only show relevant files for them? I'm thinking either a client side toggle in the interface or a setting tied to the user login that determines which format(s) are shown. 

I thought about separating the books into 2 folders, but it doesn't look like Calibre supports this behavior. Running 2 instances with exclusion would work, I guess. It's just a little kludgy. 

Anyone else solved for this scenario?

Under review

I can't think of better ideas than what you proposed, unfortunately.

Maybe this should be reclassified to a feature request, but a couple ways to tackle would include:

  • User-specific exclusion. If they can set this themselves, even better
  • Toggle switch(es) in the interface to show or hide specific formats
  • Tags on each file that show at a glance what format it is. While it doesn't solve the issue, it would save users from some trial and error when multiple formats are present for a given title. Something like this, except less MSPaint-y

The file type overlay (in addition to the type already displayed in the "details" dialog) has already been requested, quite a long time ago. I agree it would be useful and I still plan to implement it someday.

The two other features would be quite rarely used, in my opinion. So I will probably never implement them given the huge backlog of features I am already late for. :)

(also, mobi and azw are closed formats that I don't want to "invest" on)

You'll get no argument from me on the mobi/azw comment! I've guilted my SO into Nooks only for just this reason. Thanks for the response.