Can't configure Ubooquity on Synology

gheraken 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 2

Hi everyone,

I have been following the steps described in this tutorial to intall Ubooquity on a Synology NAS : http://vaemendis.net/ubooquity/misc/synology-tutorial/

and I am up to the "Configure Ubooquity" step.

The problem I am facing is that on step 1, I am not asked to configure an admin password. instead, i see the following message on the ubooquity splash screen : "Sorry, you are not authorized to access any file on this server". (no web admin)

Did I miss something in a previous step ?

Thanks all for your help.

Hi again,

Forget my request, I realized what I was doing wrong. the URL I was using was just when it should have been

my bad ^^


No problem. :-)