User data stored on server - recent files, last reading position, read/unread, favorites, tags

tom h 3 years ago updated by orshak 1 year ago 3

This would be very useful.  I think recent files and last reading positions are most crucial.  Can be implemented through a sql database that maps this data to filepaths

Books can open to reading position when viewed (as a toggle-able feature)

Recent files can be one of the sections on the main landing page

User-defined tags can be parsed in search

I concur.

Ubooquity is basically useless without these features.

Read / Unread and position are the first things any media server of any kind should implement.


I disagree.
What Ubooquity has for now are the first things any media server should implement.

IE: things that allows to use it and exploit it properly.

Would it be nice to have read/unread tags, and the ability to open a file where it was left off ? Yup.

Is it the most important thing ? Far from it.

Better metadata support and performance should come far before.

Same as the ability to better manage users and permissions, and quite some other things.

I don't say it's not important, just that it's far from the top of the list of "things that should be done asap".

Not everyone needs the server to remember for him/her if (s)he read a book or where (s)he left off a book. 

It's something you need obviously, not everyone is in this case (i for one, couldn't care less about "open where it was last open", even more, it would irks me to no end and i would need the ability to disable that feature), and i can easily do without the Read/Unread tag, even if sometimes it makes things a bit slower/harder to find/pick and choose, but i really don't need it, and i'm probably not the only one.

All the other Ubooquity (or mediaserver) features are FAR more important for me (and quite some others). ;)

Now i hope it's implemented some day, but i believe there is far more pressing matters. xD 

Agree, would make it realy usefull, any updates regarding this?