*NEW* Ubooquity-Dark theme! *2.1.1 compatible*

Justin Brown 6 years ago updated by Shev'la Dhakurs 6 years ago 17

   I decided to make a modified version of the default Ubooquity theme because I rather like the styling, but the white was just far too harsh on my eyes. Thus, Ubooquity-Dark was born. Screenshots below. Grab it here -> https://goo.gl/ByWKsg Thank Tom for all his hard work making this. Don't thank me. I didn't make it, I just changed it. 

Image 351

Image 350

Image 349

Image 348

Image 343

@ Justin Brown, I have made an add-on for this theme that converts the raw browser into an audiobook browser/player. Do you mind if I share it here?

I don't mind personally.

Ubooquity-Dark Audiobook Player Mod

Requirements: Ubooquity, Ubooquity-Dark Theme (or other theme though the colors may be off)

Description: Converts the Raw Files view to an audiobook player/browser.

Installation: See readme.txt

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Uz0UAdpw_1TGlzOVl5TWE5VjQ

Screen Shots:

Looks really cool. I'll have to check this out. 

Good mod the audio player. Had to do some tweaking to get it showing and playing OK.

Downloaded Font-Awesome and incorporated into my Ubooquity. Now showing player icons OK.

Mileage varies as to what happens according to browser used.

Thanks for the heads up. I only had Google Chrome for testing. I'll look into making it more uniform across browsers. The font-awesome should have been pulled automatically but I'll start including it with the install files. Out of curiosity what other changes did you need to make to get it working?

Chrome was the only browser that played the files. Need to test on edge at home.

IE11 and FF did not play.

Only changes were to incorporate Font into local install. I would assume that the file would have pulled, but my test system is off the Network (VM).. I like to have my Ubooquity fully self-contained.

Looking at the possibility to have the Cover image pulled from the mp3, so can have all files of a series in the same folder.

I couldn't find a way to pull art from file metadata with JavaScript which is why I went with the external cover approach. If you find a way let me know and I'll add it in. I'll look into installing and testing some other browsers this weekend.(when I can sit down with a Windows PC for ie and edge)

I managed to finally get tags working. I am using the https://github.com/aadsm/JavaScript-ID3-Reader

Was a bit of a mission, but got there. As to getting the images to load after file changes, would need to reverse engineer your script.

Easier if I give you the modified script I have and then you do the next bits.

I can be contacted at gsb'at'gsb.kiwi

BTW works perfectly in Edge. WIndows 10 Enterprise, latest release.


I just got done with the changes to make it autoplay in firefox. I also tested in IE 11 and Edge.

So now it should work in Chrome, Firefox, IE 11, and Edge. I also tested it out in Mobile Chrome and it seems to work fine there as well. I will look into the ID3 reader you linked too and see if I can figure it out and add it in.

Edit: It looks like there is an updated version of JavaScript-ID3-Reader here: https://github.com/aadsm/jsmediatags

Edit2: ok have it incorporated into the mod. It seems to work for the mp3 and m4a files that I have. It is setup to favor external cover images over embedded, though both should work. I'll upload the new version shortly. 

After posting v0.3 I noticed that it takes a bit of time to pull art from an audio file. Did you run into this problem as well?

Possibly depends on the actual size of the image file.

I found that Chrome and FF were a lot faster than edge/ie, then again they are real browsers.

The only other thing I did was to use some of the other tags (Artist, Title, Album) to populate details. Sometimes the Filename does not reflect what is in the file.

Good job on this and being responsive. NOW I wonder about video files.......

Might as well turn this into a complete media front end????

I'll work on incorporating the Artist, Title, etc tags into the mod when I have the chance. As for videos that is well out side the original scope of this project, as it was intended to add audiobooks to a book server already containing ebooks  and comic books. If you would like to expand upon this to include videos and other such media feel free to do so (I'd be willing to offer help/advice), though there is already good software out there for it (Emby for example).

Fair enough. Using the tags within the file would be good.

Here is the Download Link for v0.3 of the Audiobook-Mod: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Uz0UAdpw_1TEVONC1VaGtrMjg

See readme.txt for the change log and installation instructions.

Many thanks to George Baker for his help with this.

Audiobook-Mod Version 0.4: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8Uz0UAdpw_1bW1lY0VUc1VjNXM

Adds use of tags. Note: tag reading is prone to failure with slow network connections.