Pre-Load / Load entire magazine into memory as allowed

Anthony Reinking 3 years ago updated by Tom 2 years ago 3

I have 128GB Ram on my computer that I read magazines on. But Ubooquity does not continue loading the magazine as I'm reading...it only loads a few pages at a time.

Is there a setting where I can increase how much memory it uses? Or would you add this as a feature please.

Thank you for the amazing application!


It's not really a memory issue, you could load a full comic in memory with only a few gigs if RAM.

The number of pages pre-loaded by Ubooquity in your browser is currently set to 2. 

I'll probably add a setting in the future to allow you to increase this number and load a lot more pages.

Just checking in on the status of this feature request?

Thank you in advance.

Still planned, not implemented yet.