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xena499 3 years ago updated by mcnahum 2 years ago 14

Hi.  Does anyone have a reader that works for ipad /ios for viewing larger collections?

There are at least 4 readers I have tried on my ipad, including buying Chunky (should be renamed Junky) that work via OPDS.  For android, the viewer+ (comic book reader) works great.

When you have thousands of books, downloading on mobile devices is not practical.  The viewer should merely cache the directories.  The only practical workaround is the servers native viewing using the browsers which is improving.

Great job to the developer!

Chunky is currently being rewritten - the developer is on this forum, maybe he’ll have some feedback...

I’m currently using Chunky for my CBRs/CBZs and KyBook2 for ePubs/MOBIs. My comic library is about 700 files and my book library is about 400 files.

Using Chunky as well for CBR/CBZ.  Most of the time for ePubs/Mobi I just import them to iBooks/Kindle apps and let it sync across all of my devices

thanks for the comments.  Again those solutions are the same as I'm having issues with - downloading the files manually.

the 2nd solution defeats the purpose of hosting your own book server.

Most of my books are in older pdf format.

When you have extensive libraries this is not feasible.  Caching I presume is what the +viewer app for android is doing...?

anybody please-
Is there a IOS app that can function like viewer+ for android for ubooquity via OPSD

thanks in advance 

My kids use Chunky on their iPads and it seems to work fine for them.  I have a gazillion file library.

They just download whatever they are reading then delete it. They seem to know how to do it.

I haven't seen any speed problems with Chunky - I think it works great.  My major preference would be to show covers rather than just the list in the cloud thingy.

The only other thing I have gotten to work is Marvin 3, though these is an issue with two libraries (ie books and comics)., so I don't use it for comics (as I read books).

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Out of curiosity: why don't you access your Ubooquity instance using the Chunky built-in browser ?

This way you can get see the cover of your comics and books.

I'm very happy to be wrong, but on my kids iPad, you click on the cloud, a text menu  appears and they pick from that.  Please, please, please let there be another option to browse covers not just a text list?????

Well, there is a built-in browser:

I wrote Ubooquity precisely because I wanted to see the covers of my comics when browsing my collection. :D

Wow.  You just become blind to things.  Yes there is. SUPER. Problem solved.  (I feel like an idiot)

Tom thanks.  that was exactly my problem as well.  I assumed the proper way connect it was via opds, and never thought of the web browser built in.  

This works great.
***Is there any benefit to the chunky web browser vs. any other browser for ios,  if i have no other use for Chunky?

thanks in advance !

What's wrong with Chunky with the browser? You can use the browser and then - say you are flying somewhere or going on holiday - load a series on the local iPad storage? What's not to love?

Use the Chunky built-it browser when you want to download files directly into Chunky.

For any other use, any browser will do.

the one drawback to the browser is, unless im mistaken, you can only download a book at a time where opds can download a whole folder.

Indeed. There is no way around that unfortunately.

So first, thanks for Ubooquity  & Chunky to exist... that's make my life easy and my kids love it.

now I don't know if it'll be possible to have a real "Ubooquity mode" on Chunky... let me explain.

quite often, my son come to me as he is lost on the interface... how to go back to the section page, changing the user, maybe a way to know where you are on the comics ... 

A way to adapt the language will be good also, but I guess it's for both Ubooquity and Chunky..