Gamal Farag Abdelnaser 5 years ago updated by Tom 5 years ago 2
Hello, i'm totally new to ubooquity, this is amazing.
i have a problem with installing themes to my server, its only a .tar file, there is no folders or anything to add themes to, just a jar file.

is there any instructions for this, thx
Under review
When you run Ubooquity for the first time, it creates a few folder and files in the directory from which you launched it. Among these directories (cache, logs...) there is the themes directory. That's where you unzip the themes you want to install.

If you have already run Ubooquity but you still have only Ubooquity.jar, then your working directory must be somewhere else. It entirely depends on the way you launch Ubooquity (especially if you use a script to do it).