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Ubookquity main site loads only with 1 out of 10 friends

cjflnyc 3 years ago updated by Tom 3 years ago 4

For some reason many are getting just a blank white page or some error similar to server took to long to respond. I am at a lost here as it is working fine on my local network and some friends outside of my ISP in other country loads fine , Yet my next door neighbors can not access the site for no reason. I thought it was port settings so I switched it to port80. Again only a handful of people seem to load the page fast with zero issues but for some reason the majority of my audience just gets a blank white page or server error. I am connected directly to a public IP with firewall rules set to allow port 80. I am on a commercial ISP plan with servers permitted. Any ideas how to fix this?

Update after running for a few hours the GUI and jar app gets choppy buggy and eventually crashes.. Any ideas? I only have about 1000 books in the database. It starts to glitch slowly like all of a sudden the graphic covers of the books become broken on the site.

Under review

Yes, there seem to be something seriuosly wrong with your installation.


Do you run Ubooquity on a recent version of Java 8 ? (I haven't tested it with Java 9)

I have tried to download Ubooquity again and start it from another directory. Same thing. Maybe Win7 is just getting old :(

Your Java version is fine, and Windows 7 should not be an issue either. I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on. :(