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Image quality much worse than original

hgmnzczax 6 years ago updated by Bob ArdKor 2 months ago 12

Displaying images seem to be trans-coded and resized compared to the originals, choosing the "original" option doesn't give the original file either.

Shouldn't there be an option for files to be shown without any changes?

I believe the default setting is to keep data streaming from the server light. I think you can adjust this by stopping Ubooquity and editing the values "shrunkPageWidth" & "shrunkPageHeight" in the preferences.json. Just add 9999 instead of the default values and you should get the result you want (I think...).

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The idea was indeed to find the sweet spot between image quality and image weight.

Streamed images are resized so that theit width does not exceed 1536 pixels.

Unfortunately the "shrunkPageWidth" and "shrunkPageHeight" are not related to this feature, so you won't see any change.

(out of curiosity, in which cases would you need the original resolution ?)


Mainly when I am reading from desktop or on a high resolution screen, regardless is there a way to completely disabled it however?


Hi, just adding here I would also be interested in disabling the scaling feature to steam originals. Bandwidth is not an issue and use almost exclusively high res displays when reading. Can this be flagged as a feature request?


Just updating for anyone else that's interested in a temp workaround. I had some free time today and spent a few minutes looking into this. Figured it out pretty easy by updating IMAGE_MAX_NATIV_WIDTH from 1536 to 9999 in comicreader.js to now display the pages in their native res. Of course this would have to be updated with each new release so would be super cool to have a property in the admin console to provide end users a simple option to make their own decision on trade-off between image quality streaming bandwidth/speed. 


And here we are with a new release : don't forget to update your comicreader.js, folks ! ;)

Could any of you give a guide how to do this, please.



.jar files are just zip files, so you can unzip ubooquity.jar and edit the file ./comicreader/comicreader.js , search for IMAGE_MAX_NATIV_WIDTH and put the value of your choice (I go with 3000) then re-zip the whole folder as a new "ubooquity-modified.jar" (for instance) and run that one.

Doing this again at each update is a bit of hassle - although Ubooquity updates aren't that frequent :-) 


I have written a small bash-script that does the work of patching it for us.
It will also increase the preloaded images from two to four, which may require more memory.
Just edit the script to fit your own needs.


Simple yet efficient, well done :)

For those who are giving the beta version of Ubooquity 3 a try, that setting now seems to be in ./pagereader/pagereader.js at line 253 :


Although maybe that could become a configurable value for version 3? Tom? Maybe there are performance concerns.