ubooquity/synology: can’t access comics folder anymore

Elouan 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2


something broke on my ubiquity/synology installation, but I can’t figure out the problem

ubooquity is running, i see the web page, but no comics, nor books.

when looking at the logs, it says that « can’t accès the root of of XXX » where XxX is the path to my folder.

it looks ok though, I can’t figure out the problem

as anybody else got a similar problem?

Can't figure out this issue: even when running ubooquity as root, it sttil gives me the same message:

20180119 01:49:02 [main] WARN  com.ubooquity.data.database.a - Could not find id of root path /volume1/comics/Général (ignore this warning if you just added a new root directory)

Has anyone else seen this problem?

well! I got ubooquity back on its fit with a réinstallation. I’m not sure what went wrong. it’s annoying bacause the read/unread status is lost: maybe you could develop something to export the status as a .ubo file alongside the original page?