.lit files (e-books) are managed?

luskin 3 years ago updated by Timmo 2 years ago 3

.lit files (e-books) are managed?


Hi luskin,

my opinion : the lit-format is rotten by Microsoft since 2012 (almost 6 years) and most time protected with a closed-source DRM. 

Currently the actual (and future) version of Ubooquity couldn't support lit-files. 

The one and only way to read and manage it with Ubooquity is to convert your lit-files with calibre to epub or PDF.

If this way doesn't work, here is in my view no other way to use it with Ubooquity.... 

Sorry for no good news ...

Best regards


Thank You for your quick reply! I'm just trying conversion to epub/pdf with Calibre.

I could observe that epub format coming from .lit files, when served from Ubooquity, is badly displayed from browsers: Firefox for example shows the raw xml, Chrome and Edge a unique and uninterrupded string, without any formatting. Anyway, I'm not an expert about epub format, so I will be ok with pdfs. Thank you again!

You may be underestimating the capabilities of Calibre. Have a look at the settings under "Convert Books" particularly under "Heuristic processing." With a few tweaks, my old lit files converted perfectly.  I can't give you or point you to a guide, but have a play and you should be able to do it.