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Image quality much worse than original in PDFs

Dimitris Panokostas 5 years ago updated by Sparkss 5 years ago 6
I noticed that the image quality when displaying PDFs in the browser is much worse than the original PDF displayed in a reader. This makes for example small text very difficult to read, images are blurry etc. Why is that?
I didn't find any relevant options to set the quality, perhaps that could be something to improve upon?
Under review
That's an intentional limitation of the free version of the JPedal library Ubooquity uses to render PDF books (comics are rendered by a different one which just extract images without rendering anything else). Despite a very long search, I was not able to find a free Java library that was capable of correctly rendering all PDF files, so I settled for this one.

I have plans to try to use Mozilla's PDF.js library to do PDF books rendering. It's quite good and would greatly improve quality. But I don't know yet when I'll integrate it (and if it will work).
How much is the "not free" library? Maybe it could be a donation drive to raise the $$ to purchase it for incorporation. Just a thought as the majority of our household uses Ubooquity for PDFs (or epubs). Thanks!
From what I have seen, usually a few thousand dollars or euros.
That's not realistic (nor reasonable for a small project like Ubooquity).

Epub reader is on the way (though the way is quite long), and PDF.js integration is next.
Thank you for the quick update. Unfortunately I don't have much experience on Java myself, or I would probably be able to help there (I'm a C# developer, it's close enough but not quite the same).

I will keep my eyes open in case I find anything that can help in this matter though.