Ubooquity not reading NFS volume

Richard Leonard 6 years ago updated by Anton Baur 6 years ago 1

i have ubooquity installed on a boxen running Ubuntu 18 (bionic beaver) ---

It in turn mounts several small NAS boxen ( 2 have samba shares, 1 has nfs )

From a shell, as the same user that spawns off the ubooquity server -- i can browse the directory root that the ubooquity app does and read all three mount points -- no problem.. but the ubooquity app hits the nfs mount point and sees nothing...

In the ubooquity admin page, on the comics tab, trying to navigate to, and drill into the nfs share, it sees nothing.....

The log sees the mount point but nothing in it.

Again -- the user has no problem, --- i'm going to see if i can load samba on that boxen, and see if it can serve up the same location... but in the mean time -- has anyone else had a problem with ubooquity reading from a nfs mount point? 

Hi Richard,

i had no problems, but i think knowing your problem, so here's my questions to help you :

- do you install the 32bit or the 64bit version of JAVA ? 

-> Running Ubooquity 2.x on a 32bit JAVA isn't recommended, you should uninstall the 32bit and install the 64bit version.

- the process user has "display-only" NFS Access rights and cannot real open/read the NFS-Share files 

-> check if the NFS security option AUTH_SYS is given and the UID and GID matches on both systems.

    Otherwise the NFS guest rights will your Ubooquity instance give only the lower "display content" rights.

    Eventually the NFS Squash gives your local root user on the Share only quest rights.

    If the NFS security option Kerberos (krb5, krb5i, krb5p) is set, this can give you (on an authentication failure 

    without a error message) on your NFS share only guest/display-only rights, too ... 

NFS Access rights synchronization is often tricky, i always recommend using SAMBA Shares to use with Ubooquity.

Hope that helps 

Best regards !